playmat train

The concept for Kids Town Playmats comes from our loving daughter-in-law who was looking for a way to keep up with her active son's toys when they traveled. For the grandparents, who designed and had these Kids Town Playmats printed, it has been a labor of love and joy. We cherish each moment with each of our wonderful grandchildren!

Giving us pet names of "Aboo" for grandpa and "Gigi" for grandma, our grandson intertwined our hearts since birth. Therefore, anything that makes him happy, gives us an amazing pleasure. His favorite things are his Thomas the Trains™, the track and his collection of Matchbox™ cars. When the family took a trip, he could not understand why everything couldn't go too. As it should be, grandparents to the rescue! We found a printed panel, made it into a quilt and designed a bag for cars and trucks. It worked ok but it didn't have all of his favorite places on it and didn't really fit his trains very well. He described in great detail what his ideal mat would include. Being a graphic artist, creating our own mat seemed like the obvious choice. The second mat was amazing however we forgot a couple of important things, the airport and construction pit. We were quickly informed of what was missing and realized there was another mat in our future. This time we went larger and printed it on canvas material. It turned out great! Our grandson was delighted with the mat and has spent many hours playing on it and with the bag it is always ready for a road trip.

When our beautiful grand daughter came along, we figured there needed to be a mat designed to entertain little girls. We came up with the dollhouse mat for her. We added some dollhouse furniture and dollhouse size dolls for her to play with on her mat and by adding the bag, it has become a favorite toy at home or away.

When our friends with children and grandchildren saw the playmats, they were ready to order them, so we realized the mats were perfect for the DIY mom or grandmother thus, Kid's Town Playmats was born. We even have some new mat ideas in the works so check back for the next big idea!!

Blessings to all from "Gigi" and "Aboo".