After we designed the Town Playmat, our daughter-in-law announced that we needed to design a playmat that girls would enjoy playing with. Well that began a lot of thinking!!! Figuring out what girls would enjoy seemed much harder than boys. We finally realized how much girls enjoy their doll houses!

house playmet2We have now designed a Doll House Playmat. It is scaled to fit doll house people and furniture. Who says a doll house has to stand up? With the Doll House Playmat our grandjoy can put her furniture all over it and her people can enjoy the same things as in a stand up doll house. We have been amazed at the imaginative play we have participated in with her. The house has a beautiful modern kitchen, living and dining room with lots of details. Going upstairs is simple where she finds the babies room, bathroom and mom and dad's room. On up the stairs to the boys room, laundry room, and girls room and her favorite room is up just a few more stairs where she finds the pool table just like dad's!!

When we started looking for people to go with the doll house playmat, we found the "You & Me Happy Together Family Dolls" to work perfectly. The size is perfect and they have lots of options for all different families and members of the families. The You and Me Happy Together furniture is very appropriate as well.

After our experience with the Town Playmat, we knew we would need a bag to keep everything together. Mom's favorite part is how little space is required to store the Doll House Playmat and how convenient it is to take it on a trip.

The Doll House Playmat panel is available here or on Etsy. It is 36" x 58". The playmat is printed on a beautiful 100% cotton heavy twill fabric and is machine washable separately on the delicate cycle and dried alone in the dryer. We found a great hot pink denim that made a great backing for the playmat and matching travel bag.