Why playing is good

Why it is good to play with your child? One of the things children need most is time with the family that loves them. The "work" of a child is to learn and play is the primary tool for that learning. Almost everything that a child needs to know about life comes from playing.

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Imagination and Playmats

What is the most joyful and meaningful thing you can do with a four year old boy? Create laughter especially wild raucous laughter which creates memories and memories are the foundational building blocks of learning and learning establishes or causes meaning which defines importance for any person, especially a child.

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Dollhouse Playmat Panel

After we designed the Town Playmat, our daughter-in-law announced that we needed to design a playmat that girls would enjoy playing with. Well that began a lot of thinking!!! Figuring out what girls would enjoy seemed much harder than boys. We finally realized how much girls enjoy their doll houses!

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Kids Town Playmat Panel

After spending a great deal of time playing with our first playmat, we got lots of design ideas from our grandson. He said "after all Gigi, I need a construction area". There wasn't anywhere to play in the dirt!! And where were his planes suppose to land, the airport had been forgotten! And most important, one of his favorite places to go to was the local amusement park and he wanted all of his favorite rides. That sent Gigi into overload, but after some thought and redesigning a new playmat began to emerge.

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Playing with Children

Playing with children is important for a number of reasons. Beginning with the personal reasons first, it makes adults feel and often behave in a childlike manner. There is nothing better than feeling and acting like a joyous child. Playing with a child requires that we use our imagination. Imagination goes hand-in-hand with creativity. Creativity is what makes most experiences more interesting and child's play joyous.

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Who We Are

We are parents of 3 grown sons, who are happily married or in a relationship and we are blessed to be the grandparents of 2 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson.

We are each talented in our own unique ways. Grandma, also known as "Gigi", is an incredible graphic artist who, in her day-job, uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop developing advertising and websites. She has been doing graphic design for about 30 years and as a home economics major, "Gigi" has been sewing for even longer. Grandpa, also known as "Aboo", is a geek who would rather be making up stories and playing in the dirt with grandjoys than working in the family web and graphic business.

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