House Playmat

The Dollhouse Playmat is scaled for standard dollhouse furniture and figures. It is brightly colored with great detail, making it easy for a child to imagine any story or just continue on from the last time they played with the mat. For our grand daughter, the dollhouse playmat is ideal because she has a doll house without taking up so much room in her bedroom. When she is ready to play something different it is simply a matter of putting it back in the bag.

The dollhouse playmats are fun for children from birth until they stop playing on the floor, which is usually between 6 and 8 years old. Like many tools that involve imagination, the development stage is the determining factor as to the amount of interest a child will have in their dollhouse playmat. The really nice thing about Kids Town Play Mats is their longevity; very few other toys have the staying power of a Kids Town Play Mat.

The playmat is printed on 58" x 36" heavy cotton twill. It is machine washable separately on gentle/delicate setting and hang to dry. If necessary, it can be ironed after cleaning. The playmat fabric can easily be attached to a denim or other cotton backing of similar weight. To attach backing, simply cut backing the same size as the mat, put right sides together and stitch around all edges leaving an 6" - 8" space on one end to turn the mat inside out. Once the mat has been turned, press the seam flat and top stitch 1/8" - 1/4" from the edge. This will keep the front and back together and close the hole for turning. The mat is ready to be played with and enjoyed.

We will soon have a pattern available for the travel bag as well.

The 1st floor has the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The 2nd floor has the baby's bedroom, the bathroom and the parent's bedroom.

The 3rd floor has the boys bedroom, the laundry room and the girl's bedroom.

The 4th floor has the den, a reading nook, a pool table, a computer nook and a outdoor patio.

The Dollhouse Playmat panel sells for $69.99.