What is the most joyful and meaningful thing you can do with a four year old boy? Create laughter especially wild raucous laughter which creates memories and memories are the foundational building blocks of learning and learning establishes or causes meaning which defines importance for any person, especially a child.

DSCHolloweenThe answer is create a ridiculous story. The more ridiculous the story, the funnier it becomes, the more they will enjoy the story and the more the child invests in the story that you are creating.

Ridiculousness works because it is created from the improbable and the improbable teaches a child how to tell what is real from what is imaginary.

I have a pattern for creating the ridiculous to bring joy into my grandchildren's imaginary world. First I narrow my focus to a single theme on the Kids Town Playmat. As an example, let's start with the Little Red School House. Then I ask myself what would make the Little Red School House ridiculous, and I start imagining various impossible scenarios. The first one that popped into my mind is "What if ... a wooden horse from the Merry-Go-Round drove in a little car to the Little Red School House knocked on the door and asked to go to school?" And "What if ... my little playmate answered the door and became the wooden Merry-Go-Round's teacher?" Ask for a story that explains how my playmate teaches a horse to read and the pony teaches my playmate to ride the merry-go-round.

Next let's look at the Doll House Playmat and see what we can create for a little girls imaginary world. "What if ... the flowers in the laundry room wanted to go for a walk next to the tree?" Ask your little playmate to tell you a story about the adventures the walking talking flower has. Begin by asking how little flower gets outside. What if the flower meets a little kitten on the journey? What adventures does your little girl create for the little flower and kitten during their walk? The imagination is an amazing tool that is fun and easy to develop!!