Children play to mimic, test, absorb and integrate their experiences. The time your child spends playing alone is necessary, and they need time to play with other children. The most important playtime for your child is with you and possible their grandparents.

Here are seven tips to improve your time spent playing with your child:

  1. dollhouseAPPROPRIATE:  Begin by taking into consideration your wonderful child's age. Choose activates that account for their age, skill and safety. If an activity is either inappropriately hard or easy, your child will lose interest quickly.

  2. ATTENTION:  When you play with your child, give them your complete attention. If you are distracted, you are sending a self-worth/value message to your child. Remove your all of your distractions and your child will experience joy and joy is contagious.

  3. FOLLOW:  Your child's imagination is their world, therefore, let them express it by following their lead. They know what they need to learn and how to learn it. Let your child include you in their pretend play by asking questions and following their lead.

  4. FLOW:  There is no way to know the mind of a child. They are always either repeating what they have done or trying something new, and both of these require that you are going with their flow.

  5. POSITION:  Your child understands best when they are eye to eye with you. This means you will be sitting on the floor and crawling around. Matching your child's energy is also an import action because it gives them respect and permission to explore.

  6. REPEAT:  Learning requires repetition. When your child is learning they will repeat and repeat their activities, books, games and your job is to follow and encourage them as they repeat the same "game" over and over again.

  7. SCHEDULE:  Perhaps the most import things you can do for your child is to schedule time to play with them. It is ok to have both a beginning and an ending time. The best thing is for you to keep to your schedule and put some time in each day playing with your budding genius.