After spending a great deal of time playing with our first playmat, we got lots of design ideas from our grandson. He said "after all Gigi, I need a construction area". There wasn't anywhere to play in the dirt!! And where were his planes suppose to land, the airport had been forgotten! And most important, one of his favorite places to go to was the local amusement park and he wanted all of his favorite rides. That sent Gigi into overload, but after some thought and redesigning a new playmat began to emerge.

playmatThe new playmat is larger than the original, it is now 36" x 58". That gave us lots more room to add the things our grandson was wanting. The playmat is printed on a beautiful 100% cotton twill fabric and is machine washable separately on the delicate cycle and hung to dry. It can be ironed if needed.

For durability, we have given up the idea of a quilt. Our roads didn't need the padding and we spent too much time playing to use it for a quilt. For our grandjoy's playmat, we simply put a heavy denim back on it and top-stitched around the edge and we were done and ready to play! Since our grandjoy travels so much and goes to work with mom sometimes, we have created a travel bag for the playmat. It is a very simple bag that will hold the playmat and a lot of matchbox cars, Thomas and Chuggington trains, small construction equipment and airplanes. Our grandjoy keeps a set of everything in his bag so he can always grab it and go on a moments notice.

We got to see how great the playmat and bag worked when mom went into labor with his little sister. They grabbed the bag with the playmat and vehicles and headed to the hospital. He spread his mat out and played in mom's room until it was time for her to go to delivery. We packed up the playmat and moved to the waiting room and picked up where we left off. We had such a great time!!

The Kid's Town Playmat panel is available here or on Etsy. Place your order today and see how much fun the imagination can be!!