It has come to my attention that it is time to consider why Kids Town Playmats exist.

The original Kids Towns Playmat was created because our grandson wanted to take his trains, track and cars to play with when he went on trips with his family. A playmat seemed the simple solution for him and his parents.

heart logoSince the first playmat, there have been several iterations designed with our grandson's ideas and directions. His suggestions and those of other children who were playing with playmats were included in each of the redesigns. Additionally, observations made by his parents and his grandparents also influenced the redesigns. Since then we have added a play mat for little girls that is designed like a dollhouse. The purpose for creating the playmat was, and still is, to increase the joy of learning and imagination for our grandchildren.

After we realized how much fun they were having with our grandson, we began to share these playmats with other parents and grandparents. We think that every little person needs some structure to make playing with their toys more fun.

Then we noticed the constant improvement in their imagination skill sets, which seems to improve learning and definitely increases fun.

Of course, a Kids Town Playmat alone is not sufficient to improve learning or imagination. A Kids Town Playmat without a good storyline is just another blanket. Therefore, it is designed to make it easy to create stories. The stories come right out of what we see everyday. Road construction, trains, airplanes, boats, fire trucks and amusement parks all bring a story which we may suggest and the little person embellishes.

Back to the purpose of Kids Town Play Mats!

The purpose of Kids Town Play Mats is:

To Provide Preschool Children With Opportunities To Use Their Imagination!