Why it is good to play with your child? One of the things children need most is time with the family that loves them. The "work" of a child is to learn and play is the primary tool for that learning. Almost everything that a child needs to know about life comes from playing.

Children know intuitively that the best way to learn anything is to make it fun. Making something fun means making it funny. Making something funny for a child means making it silly. Knowing how to make something silly is a skill that may have been lost by some adults. Playing with the child is going to be silly and if you follow a few simple principles it will also be fun. So how do you make something silly? By making it ridiculous. If it is possible that it could be real. It is not ridiculous. Imagination is the key to learning about the ridiculous. Every comedian understands this principle and probably learned it as a child.play

It is good to play with the child because it brings the child closer to you. The more you play with the child the more they hold you in their heart.

There is one consideration. And that is you must play with your child as if you were their age. This is because there is a law of nature, which is also a principle of maturity. For growth to occur the most advanced system must comply with the least complicated system. Or when considered in terms of human maturity, the mature adult must come to the level of the immature child. The adult will always be required to come to the level of the child because the child can never be capable of rising to the level of an adult until it reaches maturity.

Therefore we have learned that it is great to play with your child because it brings your child an understanding at their level of what it means to be a good adult. It also teaches them what it means to be loved. It takes a lot of love for an adult to be silly in front of other adults, even when playing with the child.